Department Of English

Department Profile

The Department of English was established in 2005. It offers both General English and Literature courses to its undergraduate students. While the general course focuses on the language aspects the literature course teaches all the genres of the language.English is taught as a second language and an eclectic method is used in teaching with the teacher using a mix of the Grammar – translation method, the Direct method and the communicative method. Lecture mode is mostly used with varying degree of emphasis on student participation.

Keeping in view the time and roll constraints. The goal of teaching English is to help the students to improve the different aspects of language namely vocabulary, Grammar and Phonology besides improving the four skills of the language.

Courses Offered:
  • U.G. B.A/ B.SC three year Degree courses with different subject combinations and English as a compulsory subject.
  • English Literature for B.A classes as an optional subject.
  • Remedial/ Grammar classes at the end of the session for desirous students who want to improve their proficiency in the Grammar of the language.
  • English speaking course (for all the desirous students of the college) which aims at improving all the four skills of the language namely listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Name Designation Qualification Experience
Dr. Mubeena Fazili Associate Professor P.Hd (ELT) 20 years
Mr. Sarwar Ahmad Contractual Lecturer M.A, M.Phill03 years
Mr. Imtiyaz Ahmad Contractual LecturerM.A, M.Phill03 years
Mr. Shameem Ahmad Contractual LecturerM.A, M.Phill02 years
Mr. Shahnawaz Contractual LecturerM.A, M.Phill01 years