Department Of Chemistry

Department Profile

Chemistry is the study of matter and energy and the interaction between them. It is called the “Central Science” as it connects other science to each other. The objective of the study of the subject would help us to understand the world around us. A basic understanding would help us to read and understand the product labels and execute informed discussions. It teaches us the basic skills to understand the current events besides pollution, the environment and technological advances. It represents the heart of our basic needs i.e, food air and water. It opens up huge career options. The analytical skills make a student of chemistry market friendly to earn his livelihood anywhere in the globe. Chemistry is a fun for everyone. The Department Was established in 2010 and comprises of Two (02) well equipped laboratories, a store for chemicals and a gas chamber besides the office. Each laboratory can accommodate 24 students at one time for the practical work. The department offers graduation in the subject. There is a scope for research as well.

Name Designation
Prof (Dr.) Syed Tanveer Indrabi Associate Professor
Mrs. Hina Qadri Assistant Professor
Mr. Imran-Ul-Haq Contractual Lecturer
Mr. Aarif Gul Contractual Lecturer
Mr. Abdul Gani Lab. Assistant
Mrs. ZamroodaLab. Bearer