Department Of Botany

Department Profile

The Department of Botany, of this college is currently catering to the educational needs of over 200 students enrolled with the college for undergraduate course in Botany. The Department is currently manned and managed by three staff members; two members of teaching staff and one laboratory bearer. The Department of Botany is equipped with two capacious and reasonably good (in terms of the equipment available) laboratories for conducting experiments prescribed in the undergraduate syllabus framed by the University of Kashmir. A Botanical Garden is also being established to provide ready access to the plant material required for practical work. Though the department is in its infancy and still has to go a long way to provide facilities and create means and avenues for the students to prepare them for higher courses and research in the subject yet, some sophisticated equipment including an overhead projector, a Trinocular microscope, two computer desktop sets and an interactive board are in commission to facilitate the learning of students.

The teaching as well non-teaching faculty of the department is making their best efforts to train and mould the students and for preparing them for the challenges of the practical life yet, the department, being young, also has some deficiencies and lacunae which need be removed in the interest of the student community as well as the local populace and in the best interest of the college itself. Such lacunae if unchecked become a hurdle in the development of an academic institution especially that endowed with responsibility of providing higher education.

Name Designation
Dr. Nazima Rasool Contractual Lecturer
Mr. Hilal Ahmad Contractual Lecturer